Evidence Chain

The Future of Digital Evidence Management & Chain of Custody

Abstract Architecture


With years of experience capturing and preserving digital evidence for legal proceedings, the Inquisitive Intel Team identified critical flaws in the validity of the current infrastructure used for the capture, management, and chain of custody for digital evidence.  We have determined that a standardized system for secure and transparent real-time capture and management of evidence using smart contract NFT technology must be implemented.


Then we built one. By investigators, for investigators.


In all legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal, the secure and transparent capture and management of digital evidence is essential for parties and decision-makers to resolve issues.  Often a dispute can arise over whether the evidence was securely and transparently captured or managed prior to being used in a legal proceeding. With our patent-pending NFT technology, Inquisitive Intel is building a next-generation digital evidence capture and management system that will bring validity, trust, and transparency to digital evidence that can only be achieved by securing it with NFT technology on the blockchain.


Smart Contracts

Using the Polygon Blockchain, Evidence Chain optimizes security with decentralized validators to ensure the evidence is accurate, transparent and never edited or altered. This is due to creating and assigning a unique non-fungible token that stores a permanent link to the file's metadata that is only viewable for stakeholders that have been granted the permissions.


Assigning evidence to a Non-Fungible Token, allows for collaboration on case files between teams, operational units, or even jurisdictions with ease while maintaining the validity of the evidence chain of custody without the possibility of human error.

Image by Scott Graham

Audit with Ease

Blockchain technology allows for a complete audit trail of digital evidence, investigator notes, or digital files needed for digital evidence transparency standards.