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Online Investigation

Investigations on the surface, deep, & dark web. Common sources of evidence include digital media, social media, government data, professional and academic publications, commercial data, and grey literature.

Forensic Accounting

Audit and investigation to research and evaluate evidential material. Used to detect fraud or money laundering, calculate economic damages, or provide a business valuation.

Digital Privacy & Reputation Management

Minimize digital online footprint, clean up the online presence, sanitize public records and decrease unwanted exposure. Increase cyber security posture. 

Field Investigation

Field investigations, photographic and physical surveillance, DNA collection, interviews, confidential informant development, scene reconstruction, evidence gathering/vetting, and locating missing or estranged persons.

Digital Forensics

Imaging of computers, hard disk drives, and other digital storage devices. For large scale eDiscovery collections and analysis, Inquisitive Intel provides multiple pricing models based upon the amount of data, keyword searches, processing and production requirements.

Cyber Security Phase I & III

- Cyber Risk Assessment

- Configuration Review

- Cyber Insurance Review

- Remediation Plan

- Cyber Security Roadmap

- Technical Review and Reporting

Cryptocurrency Investigation

Investigation of blockchain activity. Connecting cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities with cutting edge technology.

Cell Phone Extraction

Cell phone extraction & analysis. 

Cyber Security Phase II

Full authenticated web application security test. Manual testing, AI scanning, internal network scan, external network scan. 

Anti-phishing assessment. Assess open-source intelligence exposure. Identify breached credentials exposed online. 

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