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Business Reputation Audit

Actionable Insights

A Business Reputation Audit provides a professional analysis of your company's digital presence as it relates to business performance. This provides our clients with actionable suggestions and detailed explanations of how digital assets can be leveraged to improve the online reputation.  

Inquisitive Intel's audit consists of five primary components.

  1. Search result analysis.

  2. Key audience identification. 

  3. News media analysis. 

  4. Review site analysis.

Once completed, our clients often have the following abilities. 


  • Analyze customer relationships and identify pressure points. 

  • Identify drawbacks of business function. 

  • Recognize new audience groups for targeted marketing strategies. 

  • Competitor analysis with a third party perspective.

  • Make actionable decisions based on market research. and insights prior to launching a new product or service.

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