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Dan Dunlop

Founder & Chief Investigations Officer

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A former Detective Sergeant with the Ottawa Police with 32 years of service, Dan was instrumental in the creation of the first Hate Crime Unit in Canada. He has worked extensively in surveillance operations and held a Level 3 counter-surveillance and terrorism certification from the U.S. Department of State. He also led teams of investigators in direct surveillance operations dealing with organized crime in Ontario and Quebec. During his career, Dan has overseen an array of investigations involving fraud, organized crime, hate crimes, sudden deaths, attempted murders, and robberies. 


Dan is a practice leader in Open Source Intelligence Techniques (OSINT) who has has lectured and consulted internationally. He has also developed specialized training programs for the Canadian government in the areas of hate and organized crime.


Darryl Foulkes

Lead Investigator

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Darryl is a former Detective Sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Over his 33 year career, he has supervised countless criminal investigations, including multi-jurisdictional property crime, organized crime, terrorism, violent crimes against persons, and major fraud.


Through the RCMP’s role in NATO’s Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF–OIR), Darryl facilitated eleven key courses, using a translator, to share his expertise with Iraqi Police Service (IPS) as well as other regional security forces.  Darryl was instrumental in the "Operation Inherent Resolve" training programs at Camp Dublin, Baghdad, Iraq. In Iraq, Darryl managed the safety, security, and performance of Canadian Police Officers deployed to this active conflict zone alongside mission Allies and the Canadian Armed Forces. Darryl participated and delivered daily security briefings, intelligence updates, and was relied upon to instruct police personnel at the Iraq Federal Police Training Academy. Darryl was selected from police officers across Canada to facilitate the Criminal Investigations and Counter Terrorism courses. 

Darryl is Inquisitive Intel's Field Investigations Lead. 

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Graham Ridley

Lead Investigator

Graham’s 45-year law enforcement career began as a police officer, then moved to the federal government as a criminal investigator with various departments: Customs & Excise, Immigration, Combines Investigations, Competition Bureau; and culminated with Environment Canada’s Wildlife Enforcement Branch as the Chief of Intelligence.


Post retirement from the Federal Government, Graham continued investigation and intelligence work with the Ontario Provincial Government.


Over his lengthy career, investigation experience and successes include: receiving the Governor General’s Exemplary Peace Officer Medal; an award from the Quebec Federal Council; an award from the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service; a ministerial commendation for an Internet under-cover operation; and the first Competition Bureau corporate million dollar fine.


Graham is also a trainer in mobile surveillance, note taking, statement taking, and interviewing techniques.


Tracey Turpin

Lead Fraud Investigator

Tracey has a keen understanding of the methods and motives of people who commit fraud and is certified in financial investigation, fraud investigation, asset forfeiture, mortgage fraud, and investment fraud. Tracey has used her education and experience as a police detective with the Ottawa Police on hundreds of cases. This includes a significant number involving personal and corporate fraud. 


The Canadian Bankers Association has awarded Tracey a Law Enforcement Certificate of Excellence for her work on money laundering.


Patrick Dunlop

Open Source Intelligence Lead
Cryptocurrency Intelligence Lead

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Identified as an emerging voice and specialist in the OSINT community, Patrick works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve in the ever changing OSINT and Cryptocurrency investigative landscape. 

Patrick is a published contributor with the OSINT Curious Project, a designated industry professional with Team Searchlight, and is fulfilling requests to lecture at Ottawa, McGill and Harvard Universities. Patrick has a BSc from Saint Francis Xavier University, three professional certificates from Harvard University in computer science, and a collection of OSINT certifications from Bellingcat and Intel Techniques.  

Patrick is always developing and searching for new tools and techniques to ensure our deliverables innovative and ahead of the curve. 


Blair MacLellan


Digital Foreniscs Lead

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Blair MacLellan, our Digital Forensics Lead, boasts extensive experience in digital forensic investigations, cyber risk assessment, and eDiscovery, specializing in both criminal and civil sectors. He's an accomplished expert witness, having provided testimony 13 times in various courts. Blair's notable work includes conducting pivotal OSINT for the RCMP and a secondment to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, reflecting his expertise in high-stakes situations. His dedication to continuous learning and skill in translating complex technical data into understandable information mark him as a leader in the digital forensics field.


Eric Martinat

Fraud and Field Investigator

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A former Staff Sergeant with the Ottawa Police, Eric is an experienced investigator with expertise in investigating fraud and proceeds of crime-related offences. He spent 12 years conducting investigations with both the Ottawa Police Criminal Investigative Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “A” Division Integrated Proceeds of Crime Section. Eric taught police officers in Haiti as part of the United Nations mission. He has received the Canadian Police Association Award of Excellence for Bravery. Eric has led several high-profile fraud investigations, recovering money and assets for crime victims.


Lilit Harutyunyan

OSINT Specialist

Lilit Harutyunyan is a highly skilled Open Source Intelligence Analyst with over eight years of experience in intelligence analysis and project management. Her expertise spans both national defense and private sector intelligence, with a focus on military and civilian law enforcement intelligence. Proficient in OSINT collection, Target System Analysis, and Cyber Threat Intelligence, Lilit is recognized for delivering actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Holding top-secret security clearances, her career exemplifies versatility and significant contributions in the intelligence and security fields.


Steve Rae


B.Tech, M.A.Sc, P.ENG

OSINT Technology Lead

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Steve develops software tools that make our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) team more effective and efficient. Steve has more than 25 years of experience in developing complex enterprise resource planning solutions for major corporations. Throughout his career, Steve has learned dozens of development languages and operating systems. One of his strengths is the use of Python, a language integral to the automation of OSINT searches. Steve graduated from the Waterloo School of Engineering with a Master’s degree in Applied Science.


Alexander Coburn

Open Source Intelligence Analyst

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A trained and practiced researcher, Alex brings years of qualitative and quantitative expertise to Inquisitive Intel. With a BAH in History and a Certificate in Law from Queen’s University, coupled with additional education in Data Analytics, Alex has a diverse skillset capable of delivering thorough and insightful intelligence work on behalf of Inquisitive Intel’s clients.

Having spent years working within the Correctional Service of Canada, in addition to having held positions at Goodmans LLP and assisted political campaigns in Canada, Alex recognizes the growing role and importance of cutting-edge intelligence and cybersecurity in the judicial and political landscape.

Alex is always looking for ways to create a better product for our clients and that is why we are glad to have Alex on the Inquisitive Intel team. 


Melanie Michaud

Open Source Intelligence Analyst

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With experience delivering multiple higher education courses, Melanie is a detail-oriented OSINT and cyber security specialist. Melanie is fluent in multiple languages and spends her free time volunteering for missing persons operations such as the Trace Labs CTF events.  

Melanie has a Master of Science from Illinois State University, a Master of Arts in Spanish from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in French from the University of Trotono. 

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