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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost to hire Inquisitive Intel?
    Inquisitive Intel makes transparency and trust one of our social responsibilities and we understand it is difficult to get the answers you deserve online. This is why we choose to publish our rates directly on our website. You can find our pricing here. The estimated cost of an engagement varies based on the needs of our clients and years of experience has taught us every engagement is unique. This is why we use a scaleable pricing method so our clients only pay for what is required and agreed upon. Since Inquisitive Intel often has a heavy caseload, many corporations in North America need exclusive access to keep Inquisitive Intel engaged. This is why we also offer a subscription for those who like to be proactive. You can find access to our subscription here.
  • Does Inquisitive Intel have licensed Private Investigators?
    Inquisitive Intel is a fully licensed Ontario Private Investigation Agency regulated by the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Our Field Investigators are also individually licensed as Private Investigators and have obtained a legal privilage to operate.
  • Does Inquisitive Intel testify in court?
    Yes, Inquisitive Intel may be asked to present our findings before the court.
  • Can screenshots be used as digital evidence?
    Although we do not determine what can and can't be qualified as evidence, Inquisitive Intel advises that screenshots alone are not forensically sound. This is why all digital evidence captured by Inquisitive Intel meets the industry standard and is assigned an identification number, timestamped, hashed, GPG signed, and preserved accurately offline in PDF and MHTML format. A terrorism case in Canada, R. v. Hamdan 2017 BCSC 676, displays how screenshots submitted to the court may have a negative outcome.
  • I have cases outside of the Ontario area, can I hire Inquisitive Intel?"
    Inquisitive Intel often provides services to many clients around the globe. In the year 2020, Inquisitive Intel operated in the following locations. Canada Ontario Quebec Alberta British Columbia The United States of America New York Flordia District of Columbia California Nevada The United Arab Emirates Costa Rica Turks and Caicos Islands India The Netherlands
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