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Litigation Support

Reliable and Accurate

Evidence that is reliable and accurate is integral to the successful outcome of any court case. From a prosecutorial standpoint, the link between a defendant/respondent and a set of facts may be missing, weakening the evidence at hand. Conversely, defense counsel may wish to establish that a client has no association with a particular entity.

Inquisitive Intel’s digital and financial forensic experts work with our investigators to provide litigation support, including preparing court-ready documents and giving expert testimony. We provide data that will assist in challenging witness testimony, create links between parties in corporate or family law situations, and support civil and personal injury cases. We also collect data to assist with mergers and acquisitions, as well as contract negotiations and can obtain information necessary to reinforce injunctive relief and court orders.

Cryptocurrency Investigation
Forensic Accounting
Digital Forensics
Private Investigator
Asset Tracking
Litigation Support
Cyber Security
Digital Investigation
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